Cartoon Logos

Cartoon logos and mascot logos are typically a lot more detailed than regular logos - so they take more time and are therefore more expensive.

When does a logo qualify as a "cartoon" or a "mascot logo"?

Here's a borderline logo:

Logo Example

Is this a cartoon logo?

Normally with borderline logos we rule in your favor. This one is not too detailed, so you can get a logo like this with the Silver or Gold packages.

But not one like this:

Cartoon Logo Example

This is an all-out cartoon logo (with shading etc.). To get a logo like this, you would need to order the Platinum package.

What about this one...

Crest Logo Example

Well, there is a lot of detailed drawing in this logo and it's cartoonish in style, but because we did not have to develop a cartoon character, we do not consider it a cartoon logo.

Here's another example to explain our way of thinking:

Simple Cartoon Logo

Technically you could call this a cartoon logo, but it's a fairly simple design so you can definitely get one like this with the Silver or Gold packages. If that running guy also had to have a face, it would become borderline. If he had to have a face, a briefcase in one hand, a stack of paper in the other and snake skin boots, that would upgrade it to a cartoon logo and therefore require the Platinum package.

Got it?


If you're not sure which package is right for you, please contact us and explain what you have in mind. We'll get back to you in under 1 business day.

If you are specifically looking for a cartoon logo, you should also have a look at our web site which is specifically geared towards cartoon logo design.



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