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A guide to selecting a logo designer for your logo project


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A high-quality, professional logo design will cost you $100 and up. Reading this page could easily save you $100.


All Logo Designers Are Not Equal

Let's get right to the point:

Anyone with a computer and Internet access can put up a "logo design business". To veteran logo designers like myself it sometimes seems like that's exactly what is happening these days!

You could pay a teenager working out of his parents' house $30 to draw your logo. Who knows. Maybe he's pretty good.

But there is more to logo design than nice pictures.

Good logo designers understand the relationship that exists between the logo and the image the company wants to send to its customers - and they have the ability to capture that image. Logo designers have to have some business experience and business savvy in order to design logos that increase sales. You don't get that in $30 logos. For $30 you get a nice picture at best.


Watch Out For:

Here are some logo design pitfalls to avoid:

1. Limited Alterations

Some logo designers offer very affordable logos where you get no or very few alterations. In other words, they'll give you one logo. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

Typically they then charge extra for alterations. This in itself isn't dishonest - as long as they are upfront about it. It does become deceptive when it's burried in fine print.

On the surface charging for alterations seems ok, but it raises the question of the logo designer's commitment to getting it right within the number of tries that you paid for. If they charge extra for additional alterations then they have an incentive to NOT get it right too soon. The longer they miss the target, the more money they make. Seems the wrong way around doesn't it?

Ideally your logo designer should give you unlimited alterations.

2. No Money-Back Guarantee

Why not?

Don't know.

Must be that they don't have too many happy customers. They are guessing that you won't be either so offering a money-back guarantee means they probably won't get paid.

Maybe I'm being too hard on my fellow logo designers. It is true that some people will take advantage of a logo design money-back guarantee by letting the designer do all the hard work, then getting their money back and paying a local designer peanuts to do the finishing touches. We get that at Biz-Logo too, but it's a very very small percentage of people that would stoop that low.

Bottom line is that buying any creative work when there is no money-back guarantee is risky. It can happen that the logo designer does not understand your instructions or his/her style just does not match what you have in mind for your new logo.

Here's the Biz-Logo money-back guarantee.

3. Limited Formats

Do you know the difference between a bitmap and a vector image? You need a bitmap image for your web site and a vector image for printing business cards, letterheads etc.

Your logo designer should be able to give you the final design in both formats.

4. Template Logos

The whole concept of template logos is flawed. There are two parts of your business that must be unique: the NAME and the LOGO.

"Template logos" is an oxymoron if there ever was one. What it comes down to is that the same logo is sold to different companies. Anyone can pay a 10 or 20 bucks and download it from the template vendor for use in their businesses, so you inevitably end up with a logo that is virtually identitical to the logos used by hundreds of other companies.

Note that these template logos are sometimes presented as "pre-designed" logos. Real pre-designed logos or "shelf logos" (like the ones we sell on this site) are unique, original logos that are sold only once. Template logos are resold. Always read the fine print!

Here's a link to our pre-designed logos. Each one unique and sold only once!


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