Unlimited Logo Alterations

Once you select a logo, either form the pre-designed logos section or, if you ordered a custom logo, from the concept designs that we sent, you receive unlimited alterations to the logo. Basically this means that we can keep tweaking the logo until it is perfect. There's no point where we ask you to take it or leave it.

That said, with the pre-designed logos, we can't change the image itself and call it an "alteration". For example, if you see a pre-designed logo that you like, but you want the running horse changed to a running lama, we'll ask you to order a custom logo instead.

But the unlimited alterations do also apply to pre-designed logos when it comes to things like changing the colors, fonts, layout etc.

We want you to be 101% happy with the final logo and we'll keep at it until you are.

Please note though:

The unlimited alterations policy applies until you accept the logo. We cannot offer unlimited alterations forever! We add over 1,000 clients to our client list each year. If we provided unlimited alterations forever for each and every logo, we'd soon become bogged down making free changes to logos long after they were finalized. We offer unlimited alterations only up to the point where you accept the logo. Once you accept the logo the project is finalized and the full set of final logo files is delivered to you. Changes beyond this point will usually incur a small additional fee. The exact amount depends on the extent of the changes


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