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Horse Logos

As logo animals go, the horse has few equals.

Symbolizing power, nobility and speed, the horse logo has been popular with a very wide range of companies, from banks to car manufacturers. When a subject is used as often as this, it's worh the time to look at existing horse logos before starting out with a new horse logo. It is important to note what has been done to enable the designer to come up with something that is clearly different from existing horse logos.

Horse Logo Examples

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A Short History Of Horse Logos
Compiled by Elza Uys

The oldest known horse logo in Britain is carved in a hill near the village of Uffington, situated next to Oxfordshire. The horse logo is suspected to have been there for more than 3,000 years. It is called the 'White Horse' and its dimensions run 374 feet from nose to tail. This extraordinary horse logo was first mentioned in medieval documents alongside Stonehenge and is described as one of the wonders of Britain. Nearby the horse logo is a trench almost 3ft deep. Archaeologists state that this was dug by Bronze Age peoples, filled with virgin chalk and from there the chalk was applied to create this massive horse logo. The horse logo is visible from the air on clear days.

The well known rock star, George Harrison (from The Beatles fame) used the Dark Horse logo on his music products, depicting his identity as a musician. Harrison saw this horse logo on a tin box on one of his many trips to India.

The National Bank of New Zealand had a horse logo depicting their corporate identity. The National Bank of New Zealand was founded in London as an overseas bank in 1872. This Black Horse logo has deep historical roots: in 1677, Mr Humphrey Stockes was a goldsmith in London England. He had a Black Horse logo to identify his “keeper of the running cashes” , a term used for “banker”. When Lloyds Bank bought Stockes' site in 1884, the Black Horse logo came with the deal. The Black Horse logo was transferred as part and parcel with the Bank's Head Office, from London to New Zealand in 1978. The new owners of the NBNZ bought the copyright to retain the Black Horse logo for seven years onwards.

One of the most significant automobile manufacturers in the world, Ferrari S.p.A took a black prancing horse logo as their corporate identity. Enzo Ferrari founded his sports car manufacturing business in 1928. It was and still is based in Maranello, Italy. In 1923, racing in Ravenna, he acquired the black prancing horse logo. The horse logo was first displayed on a racing car, only in 1932. The initial owner of the this black horse logo was Francesco Baracca, a World War I SPAD fighter. The horse logo decorated the fuselage of Baracca's all yellow fighter plane. Modern day Ferrari merchandise licenses eye wear, pens, pencils, clothing, cell phones, laptop computers, high-tech bicycles, perfume, etc. branded with the Ferrari horse logo.
Numerous existing businesses can be mentioned, flagging horse logos. Just a few are Iron Horse, based in Islandia New York, USA, The Dark Horse Comics, one of the largest independent American comic book based in Milwaukie, Oregon and so on.
Further abroad in England, the Flag of Kent carries the white horse logo on a red background, a theme used in several other Kent related coats of arms.

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