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Why ready-made logos are more affordable than custom logos

Ready-made logos are logos that are made beforehand. You can browse selections of ready-made logos on the web and order any logo you see. Ready-made logos are more affordable because there isn't a long process involved. You see a logo you like, buy it, the designer inserts your company name and presto! If you buy one of our ready-made logos, it is delivered to you the next business day.

What Are The Benefits Of Ready-Made Logos?

You save money. Custom logos take up a lot of our time. That's why they are more expensive. Ready-made logos take up less time, so we can make them more affordable.

You save time. Your logo will be yours to use - on your web site, letterheads, business cards, anywhere - by this time tomorrow. If tomorrow is Saturday or Sunday, you'll have it first thing Monday morning

What About Copyright?

If you want an even more affordable option, you could try "template logos"... but you won't find template logos on this site. Template logos are resold. The ready-made logos we offer are not resold. When you buy it, it's marked as "sold". You own it - and the copyright to it.

How Much Exactly?

The price depends on the logo. Browse through our list of ready-made logo categories to view prices.

You Could ... But you would not want to ... buy a "template logo".

Template logos are even more affordable than ready-made logos. You could pay as little as 4 bucks for a template logo. You don't get much for your money though. You get a design that is resold to anyone who's interested, so you end up with many companies using the same logo! That's just really bad for business. The real issue we have with template logos is not so much the reselling - well, that bugs us too - but the fact that the folks selling template logos don't state clearly that the logos are resold. If you're shopping for ready-made logos, be sure to email the site owners first and make sure what you get for your money.

The ready-made logos on this site are each sold only once.