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Pet Logos

Pet logos are of course common among companies that sell pet related products or services, but the use of pets in logos extend beyond that.

Because pets give personality to the logo (and the company) they can be used very successfully in the logos of companies that have nothing to do with pets or pet products. In the examples below we included an example of bright green (!) dog logo used by a design studio.

One of the interesting things about pet logos is that the expression on the face of the animal really matters. No good having a sad looking dog on your logo for a pet obedience training company. Generally speaking, happy, friendly animals work better as pet logos.

This is where design experience really comes into play - drawing a happy dog without drawing a big smile on his face requires a refined drawing ability and an eye for detail.

Pet Logo Examples

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Additional information on pet logos
Compiled by Elza Uys

Pet logos are steeped in the history of mankind. They appear in Coat of Arms and family crests of the elite and post modern people groups, in countries all over the globe. In the most northern nations doggie coats and booties are all the rage as fashion accessories these days. Pet logos have been responsible for the extension of outdoor activities of dogs and cats, parrots etc. before not possible. Fashion wares are attracting pet lovers' emotions as the displays are fore fronted with pet logos on outfits and the like. It the most pleasant scene for both the spectators and contestants as trainers of canine athletes parade their crew, protected against severe weather conditions. Sled dog racing teams compete in designed fashion garb, proudly adorned with their teams' pet logos. Gone are the days when you watch dog races, horse races et all without gorgeous costumes. These protective coasts are scientifically made to adapt to breed and type of sports or exercise. When in doubt what to buy, read the tag line on pet logos. Fashion attire are not for plunging into beauty only. Champions in Alaska's Idetarod race wear dog booties. The uninsulated booties are not exclusively for warmth. While racing, the dogs run through water, powdered snow, etc. which clots in the hair between the toes, forming balls of ice. In deep-snow conditions, where dogs' feet spread out and the small ice balls acts like tiny blades cutting into their flesh. Its best to opt for the most known pet logos on attire to prevent a visit to your vet.

While on racing and outdoor activities and severe weather, check pet logos on winter food manufacturers. In extreme cold conditions pets need a little more weight for protection from the inside. They will shed the excess weight easily in summer time. Make sure you switch back to summer nutrition programs. Take into consideration that your pets are getting older and should be fed accordingly. Outdoor living quarters for pets are just as important than their feeding schedules. Pet logos tells it all as manufacturers' only advertisement tools are graphic descriptions of their products. Pet logos' main function is to transmit in seconds, the most important and complete details of the products. Many small children, pregnant mothers and the elderly to name but a few, thrive on household pets, but during these periods of life changing processes be careful not to underestimate pets behavior and health conditions.

Interesting are the following health factors in pet owners and non-owners: 5,741 participants were screened at the Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne Australia. The criteria for blood pressure triglyceride values and plasma cholesterol tests were compared in these two groups. The pet owners numbered 784 and non-owners 4,957. All results were in favor of pet owners due to the fact that pet owners get more regular exercise than non-owners. To stress the positive health results further, is was found that the possibility that pet ownership are less prone to cardiovascular risk factors than non-owners gave scientists more food for thought. Pets are expensive to keep. It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. It is sometimes hard work and require making right decisions with the aid of pet logos. However, think about your possible escalation in medical expenses before rejecting a pet altogether.

Pet Insurance has grown into a strong and recommendable industry. Just as veterinarians apply pets logos on their clinic buildings, stationery, ambulances, etc. pet lovers have the joy to read magazines submerged in caring for pets and their owners. Pet insurance companies understands the worth of pet logos while explaining their services in magazines. As advertising tools pet logos are trade marks of companies that offer to pay the veterinary costs and injuries in accidents. Some insurance policies also pay out if the pet dies, or is lost or stolen. The purpose of pet insurance is to lessen the risk of incurring significant expense to treat ill or injured pets. Animal health science has evolved into a high resolution problem solver resulting in rising veterinary medicine costs. Pet owners are liable to have higher expectations for their pets' health care and standard of living than previously. The market for pet insurance has been established and will expand. The application of pet logos to further this industry is limitless. Pet insurance links perfectly with pets traveling frequently abroad for expos, breeding exchanges, etc. Many pet travel companies operate successfully as they are being known and trusted through their pet logos. Pet logos cannot dominate the companies' expertize but functions hand in glove with promoting companies' services. It is compulsory for pets to have pets passports. The pet passport services originated in the UK and in no time adopted by Euro Union members and other countries.

The pet passport is issued in numerous formats. It depends on veterinarians using small booklets, carrying their pet logos or also known are the A4 sheets, displaying their pet logos. Owners of animals may pay a small fee for adding their personal pet logos onto these document for additional verification of animals and businesses. Very accentual are the microchips or tattoos numbers of the animals, the rabies vaccination certifications and the signatures of veterinarians. This is a special document and not to be confused with annual pet care and vaccination records. Every country has different requirements, both for export and import of animals, although some features are common to all. Please do some Internet research as you plan to move to another country and taking your animals with you.

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