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Dog Logos

Man's best friend also makes a great subject for logos. Dog logos are common among pet sitters, vets etc., but as a symbol of honest, unswerving loyalty the dog has found his way into many business logos where the nature of the business has nothing at all to do with dogs. By adding a dog to the logo, the company equates itself with the characteristics of the dog and at the same time ends up with a unique logo that's big on personality.

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If you are in need of a dog logo for your business, veterinary practice or organization, Biz-Logo has some design options for you to look at:

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A Short History of Dog Logos
Compiled by Elza Uys

Next time visiting, glance at the library of your hosts. Even if the dogs are safely tucked away out of the food line, you will be able to distinct between lovers of animals and lovers of dogs.

Dog logos in ancient times were displayed in the Coat of Arms of countries and elite families. Dogs on the Coat of Arms of the Canary Islands resembled their small island's bravery matching theirs with that of the dogs they had on the island. In the 12th century, they had a dense population of an endemic breed of large and fierce dogs.

The French are not too fond of dog logos in their Coat of Arms or family heraldry but the English used the dog as part of their ancestral history on banners, mantles and the like. This dog logo depicts courage, vigilance and loyalty.

Dog logos found its place of prominence in the cartoon films of Walt Disney during the early Nineteen Thirties. Bolivar is a well loved icon of the time of films save for children. Donald Duck owned Bolivar. He was a St. Bernard. Bolivar first appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Alpine Climbers where he and Pluto rescued Mickey and Donald from an eagle and a mountain goat. This took the world of the adventurous minded by storm and every possible item and space was adorned by dog logos ....Bolivar! In some comic strips Bolivar had a son named Behemoth, who disappeared without a trace later on. Giving the facial expressions in the comic strips and films, Bolivar represented the characteristics of the St Bernard which he was.

Knowing how to read your dog's body language is the key to understanding the dog species. To design dog logos is to assess the specific breed's attitude, and predicting his next move. Close attention is to be paid to the eyes, ears, mouth and posture - each can help the dog logo designer to interpret attitudes such as happiness, fear, confidence or aggression. Not only can the designer feel more connected with his dog logo in the making but can also create commercial designs with confidence.

Now a days dog logos can be bought everywhere and designed on almost anything. The veterinary services have dog logos on their clinics and trauma stations. The buyer now has the choice to wear his favorite dog on his coffee mug, your dog's logo on the homestead's gate, plaques on your holiday vehicle, pillow embroideries, clothing, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, travel wear, computer screens, and many more.

More Dog Logos

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If there is a specific type of dog or a specific dog image that you want us to use in your dog logo, consider ordering a custom dog logo instead.

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