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What is most important in a serious company logo design?

The number one consideration with company logos - or any logo design for that matter - is to create something that the end user or customer will be able to identify with. What the company CEO or marketing exec. thinks of the logo should be secondary. There's no room for personal taste.

For example, sometimes being cool really matters. We created a 'Fly Adventures' logo for a South African extreme sports company. The logo design had to look cool on a

bunjee cord,
door of the company Land Rover and
...on the company letterhead.

Before approaching us or any logo design firm for your new company logo, make sure you know your customers. Make sure you understand what your customers are looking for.

Are they thrill seekers who want fun or are they business executives who want simple, effective solutions to business problems? Your new company logo must tell them that they've found what they were looking for.

Rising Above The Noise

Who's company logo is this?

You don't need to know (whatever language that is) to know who the big, yellow M belongs to.

In fact, you don't even need to see the big, yellow M. Just hearing "big, yellow M" is enough. It has become synonymous with 'McDonalds'.

Allright, fair enough, this company has an enormous ad budget and that's the real reason why their logo is so recognizable, not the design itself. You probably don't have an enormous ad budget. You really, really need your logo to be good if you want people to notice.

Keeping It Simple

Many people make the mistake of wanting to cram the entire company into the company logo. Some of the most powerful and best known company logos in the world are also some of the simplest:

What do these 4 companies know that this one does not?

They know that the customer has to remember the logo. If your logo is easy to remember, you build brand recognition (trust) quickly.

Having a company logo that shows what you sell is good, but having one that sticks in the customer's head is better.

Only The Real Thing

So your niece is pretty good at this artsy stuff?

Don't even think about it.

The benefits of using a real logo design company is that they

understand what makes a good logo
know what kind of files you need for printing etc.
work faster and do it better
often offer support after completion of the project.

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