Turnaround Times

With reference to logo design, turnaround does not mean the time from the intial order to the completion of the project, but the time from the initial order to the time when you will receive the first preview image or first set of concept designs.

Once we get your feedback on those, we again have x number of business days to send you the next batch of designs... and so on up to the completion of the design. As you can see, how quickly we complete the logo depends primarily on how many times you send it back for alterations. The average logo design project takes about 2 weeks.

We should mention here that turnaround times are not guaranteed. Quality comes first. We will only send your designs when they are as good as we can make them. Your company image and our reputation rests on the quality of our work. If you have a pressing deadline, please mention that when you place the order. We will do our very best to accommodate you.

Rush Option

Need it yesterday? When you order, you have will have the option to pay an additional fee to upgrade your order to Rush status. Rush status means that, whenever there's work to be done on your logo, we'll drop whatever we are doing and get your logo out to you first - be that a revision or the final design files. With the rush option we can turn your logo over a couple of times a day and normally get through the entire process in a day or two, depending on the complexity of the design and on how many times you send it back to us for alterations.


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