The Problem With (most) Logo Design Companies
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The Problem With (MOST) Logo Design Companies
By André le Roux, owner.

Hidden Costs

Ask yourself: If one logo design company offers a custom logo design package for a rock-bottom price of $299, how can other logo design companies offer a custom logo design package for $30? Very often the price these companies quote is not the full price.

Make sure you know what the final cost will be before you order.

What Exactly Do You Get?

Sometimes logo design companies can offer ridiculously low prices because they give you next to nothing in return. On the order page it sounds like you'll probably get everything you need, but when you really look closely, those sales pitches are about as clear as mud.

Make sure you understand exactly what you'll get for your money.

Things to look out for:

  • How many revisions will they give you? I know of one company that charges less than 30 dollars for a logo design, but they'll make you ONE logo. If you don't like it, that's your problem.
  • Do you have to choose one of the initial draft designs or will they keep sending you new ones until you see something you want to work with?
  • Do they offer a guarantee?
  • Will you actually be able to use your logo? Some logo design companies give you only a web site logo (low resolution). If you also need one that you can print on letterheads, business cards etc., make sure that it is included in the price before you order.

Bad Design

One of the great things about the Internet is that anyone can learn anything. The other side of that coin is that anyone can also sell anything.

There is nothing that prevents a teenager who received a computer for Christmas to put up a "logo design business". It's as simple as building a web site and setting your price.

But in logo design, experience really counts.

A logo represents the entire image of the business. You have to understand business to understand logo design. Look carefully at the logo design company's previous work before you place your order. If you have doubts, move on. There are many companies to choose from.


  • The prices we quote on the site (or when we send you a custom quote) are the FULL prices. There are absolutely no hidden fees.
  • We give you a logo that will work for ANY purpose, and back it up with an unconditional, money-back guarantee.
  • We give you unlimited revisions (Gold logo package). Simply put, we'll keep at it until you are 100% happy with your logo.
  • We know what we're doing. We've been designing logos since 1997. We really do intend to honor the money-back guarantee I mention above if anyone ever asks for it, but since 1997 not one person has asked for it. We think it's because our logos work.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else to do with logo design, please ask!

Keep well

André le Roux
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Who knows, maybe your perfect logo is already in here somewhere. Each design sold only once.
Unconditional money-back guarantee.

Up to 15 unique concept logos to choose from and unlimited alterations to your chosen logo.
Unconditional money-back guarantee.


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Up to 30 unique concept logos to choose from and unlimited alterations to your chosen logo.
Unconditional money-back guarantee.


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Unlimited unique concept logos to choose from and unlimited alterations to your chosen logo.
Unconditional money-back guarantee.


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Tell us what you want. We'll tell you what it costs. No obligation.

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"I am so glad that I picked your company to help us with this important task and if creativity and fast service are the hallmarks of a successful design firm, then your firm must be proclaimed a winner!"

"It is so refreshing to do business with a company that knows and provides true customer service! Your company exemplifies the standard by which all business should be conducted. We couldn’t be happier with our professional logo and with the promptness of your responses to our emails as well as the delivery of our logo. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you and your staff."

"We appreciate your fast and professional service and will refer others to you. Thank you for the great job to you and your staff."

Thanks for sending the final files so quickly. We open our business tomorrow so you really came through for us! Thanks for the excellent work and we'll be in touch for any additional needs."

"I had tried one other logo design firm before biz-logo. They came back with five concepts - none of which were even close to what I wanted. I gave up my deposit and tried you guys. Your design blew me away. It is much more than I was expecting and for about half the cost of those other guys. I truly think I have the sharpest logo of any company in my industry now. Thanks for your excellent work."




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