green bullet Modern meaning
The bee is about as good as it gets. It has a long list of symbolic meanings (every one of them positive) across almost all cultures. In modern times bees usually symbolize high productivity and work ethic.

In the tattoo tradition bees symbolize family, social order, and cleanliness.

The fact that bees, beehives and bee colonies also symbolize community and teamwork make them very, very well suited to use in business logos.

The only downside to their popularity is that bee logos are more common - therefore less memorable - than logos featuring other bugs, critters and insects.

blue bullet Historical meanings
obedience industriousness chastity work order life birth royalty prosperity diligence cooperation zeal purity virginity courage prudence harmony

blue bullet In the Christian tradition
cooperation zeal purity virginity courage prudence diligence

blue bullet In the Chinese tradition

blue bullet In the Egyptian tradition
industry chastity birth royalty harmony sun energy life

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