Logo Design Process

Also see our custom logo case study for a detailed look at the process, with examples.


The Order

Order one of our logo design packages. The order process is fairly straighforward. On the order form you tell us about you, your business and the type of logo you want.

The order form also allows you to specify your preferences. Let's say you specifically want a picture of a yacht... and you need it in black, red and gold, the order form is where you tell us.

The last textbox on the order form is where you put special requests. Simply put, if you can dream it, we can draw it.

Click the image to the right to take a peek at the order page for our silver logo package.

The Concept Designs

Within 2 business days of receiving your order, we'll email the first batch of concept designs of your new logo to you. The preview images showing the concept designs are smallish image files (jpg format). The concept designs are normally sent in batches of 3 to 7 designs.

Here's an important difference between Biz-Logo.com and most other logo design firms. Even with our Silver package, we will send you up to 15 unique designs. We make sure you get a logo that you are 101% happy with, rather than expecting you to choose one straight away.

A typical statement taken from the web site of another logo design company...

"You may choose one of these designs as is, or you may view them as a good starting point. Keep in mind that at this point the designs probably will not look much like your final design, but you must choose one of the design directions to move forward with!"

Ouch! What if I like none of them? At Biz-Logo.com we want ecstatically happy customers. Our money-back guarantee means we loose money when you're not happy, so we don't force you to pick one from the first batch of concept designs. If you like none of them, we send you a new batch. With our Platinum logo package we'll keep sending you more concept logos until you see something you want to work with. With our Gold and Silver logo packages we'll send you 30 and 15 unique concept logos respectively. Once you select one of the designs, we move on to the alterations process which continues until the logo is perfect.

Usually one batch is enough to find a starting point - and it does happen that customers like something from draft 1 so much that they want it exactly as is - but we let you be the judge. It's your logo after all.

Logo Revisions & Alterations

When you select one of the concept designs, we move into the alterations phase. With all of our logo packages we offer unlimited alterations. We can keep tweaking the design until you are 101% happy with your logo.


The Final Logo

When you are happy with the design, we create the final logo from it. We send you all the files you could possibly need, including vector images (cdr and eps) for professional printing, high resolution jpg files for your own desktop printing, gif files with transparent backgrounds for your web site, a large png version with transparent background which is ideal for use in programs like Word and Powerpoint, etc.

Exceptional After Sales Support

Most logo design companies keep a backup copy of your logo on file - in case you ever need it. We do that as well, but we go one step further.

A few steps actually...

If you ever need your logo resized or you need it on a different color background (when you change your web site for example), we'll do the conversion for you and send you the new file. No charge.

We also give you a text "readme" file with some instructions on using the logos and our contact details. When you take your logo to the printers (for business cards, letterheads etc.), give them the readme file as well. It sometimes happen that they cannot open the vector image because they use older or different software than we do. When that happens, have them contact us. We'll convert the logo to the format they need. Again there is no charge - and we'll have the file in their (or your) inbox within 1 business day.

In fact, we guarantee that you'll be able to use your logo for whatever you want to use it. We once had a client who wanted her logo on EVERYTHING - from the tools they use in the workshop to the company's motorhomes. We made sure her printers had the files they needed. We'll do the same for you.



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