Discount Logos

Option 1: Ready-made logos ($145)

We found that many people don't have the money to buy expensive custom logos, so we started making "ready-made" logos. Ready-made logos are unique, original logos that are made beforehand. You can browse selections of ready-made logos on the web and order any logo you see. Ready-made logos are more affordable because the design process is so much shorter. When you see a logo you like, buy it. We will insert your company name and presto! If you buy one of our ready-made logos, it is delivered to you within one business day.

Benefits: You save money, you save time and you get to see the logo before you pay for it. No nasty surprises!

Option 2: The $5 logo

There are people out there selling logos for $5. Heck, we found one charging $4 for a logo. That's a steal, if you can use the logo. But let's be realistic: How much time will the designer invest in designing the logo if he/she is going to get, let's say $5 for their efforts. Assuming an average hourly rate of $50, don't expect more than 6 minutes of the designer's time. Don't expect an original, trademarkable logo either.

Realistically, an original, trademarkable logo costs $145 and up. Pay less and you will probably have a copyright dispute in your future.

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