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The cross, or more specifically the Latin cross as used in Christianity, needs little explanation or introduction, having been used across centuries as the primary identifying symbol of the Christian faith.

Some variants of the cross deserve mention: The cross with double horizontal arms is used as the emblem of the archbishop and when three horizontal arms are used it represents the Pope.

In the Christian tradition a cross in the shape of an X symbolizes martyrdom, while a standard cross with a ring around the center symbolizes immortality.

As a logo symbol the cross receives a near perfect score, being so widely recognized and associated with Christianity. The only reason we (reluctantly) don't give it a perfect score is that it is so often used that it alone does not allow differentiation. To differentiate your church or Christian organization from others would require a very novel cross or the cross in combination with another graphic that symbolizes and identifies your specific church.

blue bullet Historical meanings
crucifixion Christianity salvation

blue bullet In the Christian tradition
crucifixion salvation

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