green bullet Modern meaning
Traditionally used more in context with archery, the arrow today has taken on a life of its own and is used widely in logo design to denote movement and speed. With something as common as arrows it pays to invest the extra time and effort to ensure that your arrow logo stands out from the crowd.

Historically the the arrow was seen as a phallic symbol, representing piercing and penetrating.

Arrows combined with other objects can have separate symbolic meanings. For example:
An arrow and a heart: Romantic love
An arrow and a cross: Affliction
An arrow and fire: Christ

In modern logos the arrow usually denotes positive, upward or outward movement, making it a great logo symbol in the investment, marketing, consulting and communications sectors. It is also common in logos for companies dealing with downloads, uploads, imports and exports.

blue bullet Historical meanings
motion movement speed martyrdom

blue bullet In the Christian tradition

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