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The archer is universally seen as a symbol of power and war. In logo design it can also refer to accuracy. The fact that archers - at least on the battlefield - belong to the past can give them extra punch in logos. A company that wants to allude to strong historical ties or adherence to traditional values can benefit from using an image from a bygone era. Archers fit the bill.

There is also a strong link to arrows and all that arrows symbolize. In the modern context it mainly denotes movement, but historically the arrow is rich in symbolic meaning.

Archers also have a symbolic link (in some cultures) to reaching the unreachable, where the arrow fired becomes an extension of the archer, able to reach and "touch" over a distance.

In the traditional symbolism of India there is a very strong link between archery and royalty, where "skill in archery is for the king, what the splendor
of divinity is for the priest".

blue bullet Historical meanings
accuracy precision man men manly virility power war

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