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In modern logo design the apple logo of Apple Computers dominates, but apples are also associated with education, school and teachers.

In cases like this where there is a strong association with one company, using the same symbol in your logo can be seen as an attempt to cash in on someone else's hard-earned reputation. Best to avoid, unless it is very clearly different. For example, our apple illustration on this page is different from the famous Apple logo, but arguably not different enough to qualify as an easily distinguishable mark. We would not recommend using a design like this in your logo. See our logo examples below for some options.

Interestingly there has been much unsubstantiated speculation about the meaning of the iconic apple logo of Apple Computers. Some interpretations seem more driven by the interpreters agenda than fact. With a common symbol such as the apple there are bound to be many contrasting symbolic associations. Ultimately the meaning resides in the intention, not solely in the object.

blue bullet Historical meanings
fertility love joy wisdom peace temptation

blue bullet In the Christian tradition
temptation sin

blue bullet In the Chinese tradition

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