Custom Logo Design, In Action

Logo Package Ordered: Silver Package
Special Instructions:
The client wants a construction/house logo that will work well on business cards, stationary and a web site.
Previews are about a third of actual size


First Set of Concept Designs

Client likes designs C and F. Likes the way the name is done in both. Doesn't like the house image in C. Likes the house image in F, but it seems too high-tech. Want something less industrial looking. More homey, but not feminine.



Second Set of Concept Designs

Client is happier with the treatment of the houses in this draft, but feels it's still too industrial. Wants less hard edge, more organic. Wants to see softer fonts.



Third Set of Concept Designs

Client likes F and wants to continue with it. Also likes E, but "something about the house just isn't right". Wants to see F with smaller, more toned-down fonts - more like the font in E.



First Round of Revisions

Client wants to stick with the original font (design A), but wants the "construction" from design C, complete with the red line. Client bought a web site template from another design company and wants to see the logo in shades of blue and grey to fit the web site colors. The red must stay.



Second Round of Revisions

Client wants design F as is. No more changes.


The Final Logo


Logo is delivered in the standard formats:


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