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Corporate Logo Design

Your Corporate Logo Has To

It has to sell.

The customer's ability to identify with the logo is primary. Before you come to us or any other logo design company, think about what your profile customer looks for in a logo. When they see your corporate logo, the ideal response is something like "Ah, I found what I was looking for". A good corporate logo design can and should be able to achieve that.

Rising Above The Noise

A good corporate logo should also serve to set the company apart. Think of the corporate logo as a company signature. Not only does it have to be 100% unique, it also has to fulfill its marketing purpose of differentiating the company and its products

Rainbow Apple Logo

In a time when computer companies were competing for attention, that rainbow apple logo set one company apart.

Keeping It Simple

It's simplicity makes the Apple corporate logo a winner. Their original logo was certainly unique, but not very practical.

Original Apple Logo

The rainbow apple logo was easier and cheaper to reproduce and much easier to play with.

Apple Logo Variations

These days the Apple logo comes in many different colors and with a bunch of different 3D effects.

That's ok though.

The simplicity of the logo allows the logo to evolve while staying recognizable. That's key. Because it is simple, the logo is easy to remember and easy to identify.

Corporate logos have to stick. If yours doesn't, your marketing efforts will never be as effective as they can be.

Only The Real Thing

Your corporate logo design has such a big marketing role to fulfill in your company that you really should spend the time and money to get it right the first time. Getting your corporate logo designed by a professional design firm will save you headaches and additional costs.

Important technical points that your designer HAS to get right

Your corporate logo must be in vector format. Many less experienced designers work in programs like Adobe Photoshop. The resulting bitmap logo is no good to you. It will work fine on your web site, but printing and especially large-scale printing will be problematic. Guaranteed..

Your designer should know how to correctly prepare your logo for print. Especially if you do large print runs, proper preparations of your logo files could save you a lot of money.

Your logo should be provided to you in color, in grayscale and in black and white. Good logos should look as striking in black and white as in full color.

Apart from vector format, your designer should be able (and prepared) to send your new corporate logo to you in virtually any graphics format that you may need.


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