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Corporate Identity Design

Your logo design is a trademark of your business. It reflects the corporate character of your organization and products. In many instances it reflects the physical environment where all activities are lodged.

A corporate identity created from the ground up must have a “feel” that is reflective of the business and its people – and it must increase sales at the same time.

Many corporate identities are visually exciting, but do they bring more business through the door?

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There are many corporate identity projects missing the core of the message sent to the prospective buyers : business success. A logo is designed to bring financial growth to your business. If your corporate identity does not project the aims, strengths and passions of your company, it is not living up to its potential as a unifying company signature and driving force behind all of your marketing efforts.

The designer's assignment is to portray all of you and your business into one corporate identity logo design. The designer has to understand you, your staff, the outlay of business and the products. He has to capture the movements and directions of your corporate world. Moreover, the designer has to present your corporate identity in such a way that the viewer may understand and feel attracted to your company and products.

The corporate identity logo design is primarily a work of art, interpreting your business. The end result has to be a symbol recognized by prospective buyers of your products.

Your corporate identity logo design has to express the involvement of yourself as the proprietor or shareholder of the business and your commitment, essential for growth of your business.

How on earth is all this possible?

How will you, as the business owner or business partner know that your corporate identity logo is a success?

It lies with the choice of a graphic designer. Your corporate identity logo design is in actual fact the fingerprint of the designer himself, blended with your business styles and directions. Secondly, you, most familiar with your business' corporate identity, is capable of creative insights in the process, that can guide the designer to the final logo design.

Ideally you should define and convey your business identity to the designer while still allowing his/her creativity to shine through.

A well trained and experienced graphic designer will graft into the design process the graphic language and style essential to communicate to the prospective buyers the worth and durability of your company's products. Adding your company's ability to steer the buyer him/herself to reach more efficiency in what they are doing. The buyer must not feel cheated in using your products – and your corporate identity is crucial in establishing the necessary trust before the purchase. Your corporate identity can and should convince the prospects that they found that they were looking for.

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Define colors that suit your business and speak to your designer about your choices. Once the perfect color has been selected for your corporate identity, stick to it. Consistency in things like layouts and colors will help build your brand.

Go back to your initial motivation for building your business to what it is today : did you go the route to avail your products “en mass” or did you use a “preference strategy”? Focus on the market's preferences and variations and catch the attention of the buyers with that “exclusively for you” look in your logo design. You are inviting your existing and prospective clients to invest in your company by buying your products.

The tag line of your logo is just important as the logo itself. The corporate identity of your company must be captured in the tag line and, very important, the tag line serves to confirm/intensify the corporate identity in the logo. Use a short, catchy phrase that is easy to remember. Use the tag line everywhere appropriate to help imprint your brand on the minds of your target audience.

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